Asm poker chips

asm poker chips

ASM CLAY POKER CHIPS. ASM POKER CHIPS. CLAY. Edges and Shading may vary slightly due to original production of these Clay Chips. When people talk about " poker chip manufacturers" they are usually talking about (ASM), a private company owned by Jim Blanchard, makes poker chips for. Manufacturer: ASM (Atlantic standard Molding) Retailer(s):, Average Price a chip Material: Clay composite  ASM /CPC Chips - What's the Hype?.

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He basically hated all things internet, and was enraged that the members of CT would complain in that public forum, bashing his company. The mold is very plain but the chips have a nice rubbery feel to them. Sign up for newsletter. Clay Paulson Paulson , a third-generation company founded by Paul Endy Sr. Here's how bidding works:. Prime Now FREE 2-Hour Delivery on Everyday Items.



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